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Cyberbooth# 181
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The Wonder Scooper®
Category: Home & Garden

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Unique features & benefits:

Raking leaves and cleaning up debris in front lawns, backyards, playgrounds, and sidewalks is usually a time consuming chore. Yet bagging them for disposal is the most frustrating part - especially if you have to continually bend down and stand up when using regular trash containers, or bending for extended periods of time while trying to keep large plastic bags open without tearing it.

The Wonder Scooper® solves this problem by making it easy to scoop anything into a plastic bag quickly and without bending. It bags, bundles, scoops, and even shovels!

It is a large round, sturdy funneling device with a flat dust-pan extension in front and a handle on top. Just attach a plastic bag to the open back end of the Wonder Scooper, and lie it on its side with the extension flat on the ground. Then just rake the leaves or debris into the open mouth, which automatically scoops it into the plastic bag.

The Wonder Scooper, which is lightweight at just 5 lbs, allows you to fill a bag in 20 seconds or one-third the normal time. It is available at retail for under $30.00.

Add the Wonder Endcap® (available as an accessory), and the Wonder Scooper now has many more practical applications, including:

  • use as a snow shovel
  • scooping and spreading mulch in the garden
  • using it to scoop up and store toys around the house
  • and even as a laundry bin

Additional accessories help you to speed up the process even more.

  • For those more athletically inclined, the Wonder Hand® turns your hand into a giant rake, giving you more control while bending to scoop up a large pile of leaves right into the mouth of the Wonder Scooper.
  • The Wonder Fan Rake® makes your arm a part of the rake's handle to give you complete maneuverability.
  • The Wonder Broom® is similar to the Fan Rake but enables the gathering of smaller litter like popcorn, cigarettes, etc.
  • The Locking Handle® locks in any bag 30 gallons and larger so it stays securely in place.

Target market:

Professional gardeners.
Homeowners that do their own yard work.
Households with children.
Institutional maintenance crews for schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, stadiums, arenas, etc.
Government services like park and forest ranger services, freeway clean-up crews, etc.

Inventor is seeking:

Retail customers

For additional information or to purchase retail unit(s) of The Wonder Scooper® at retail, visit

Contact information
Contact: Earl Elliot Title: General Manager
Organization: The Wonder Scooper®
Address: P.O. Box 107 Sudbury, MA 01776
Phone: 1-800-SCOOPER
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