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Category: Home & Garden, Christmas Season

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Unique features & benefits:

Beautiful indoor/outdoor plants are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also provide a vital connection with nature in today's hectic lifestyles. The PlantGuard[tm] is a "lip stick" size, self-contained, electronic device that detects the moisture/water level in plants with two applications. 1) It emits an audio signal when Christmas trees need water. 2) It emits an audio signal when the moisture in the soil for indoor/outdoor plants is low.

The PlantGuard[tm] is a small, hermetically sealed unit which is reusable. It has a battery life up to 1000 alarms of 15 minutes each which serves for years.

Christmas Season:

    During the Christmas season, the PlantGuard[tm] is a safety feature to protect homes and family from fires as a result of dried-out trees.

    Most people don't realize that when a Christmas tree is put in the stand and the water is absorbed, that the cut trunk is exposed and the tree starts sucking air which eventually blocks the capillaries.

    At this point, a tree dries out in a matter of a few short days. It is then too late even if water is added.

    The PlantGuard[tm] can significantly reduce or even eliminate a fire hazard associated with improperly watered Christmas trees by helping to maintain its freshness, as well as prolonging its beauty.

    To use, simply drop the PlantGuard[tm] into the Christmas tree water tank where it will float. When the level of water gets too low, it will emits a quiet audio signal which will let you know that the tree needs more water. The sound automatically stops once water is added.

Indoor/Outdoor Plants:

    The PlantGuard[tm] provides the ideal assistance in helping to keep plants green and thriving.

    To use, place the PlantGuard[tm] into the soil next to the roots. When the moisture level is low, the PlantGuard[tm] will automatically emit a quiet audio signal to let you know that the plant needs to be watered.

Target market:

1. Consumer market of home owners and apartment renters.
2. Commercial market of plant nurseries, office buildings and apartment buildings management companies, office building tenants.
3. Seasonal consumer market of families that purchase live Christmas trees.

The manufacturer, Innovative Products Resources, Inc., head quartered on Nuns' Island, Montreal, designs high quality products using new and innovative technology. Its primary objective is to successfully market superior products, which are simple to use, low in price, and with a broad based consumer appeal.

Inventor is seeking:

The PlantGuard[tm] is a turn-key product which is market ready with a beginning inventory. It has been test marketed and is fully developed with patent pending and trademark applications applied for. It has a 60 second TV commercial, promotional CD ROM, brochures (English and French), web site and domain, complete set of high quality injection molds, jigs and tools, ongoing engineering support, manufacturing techniques manuals, etc.

Innovative Products Resources, Inc. is seeking
1. Licensees.
2. Distributors.
3. A serious buyer for the whole product is welcome for this turn-key product.

Contact information
Contact: Dr. Paul Okulov Title:Inventor/Patentee
Organization: Innovative Products Resources, Inc.
Address: 12 Senneville Road, St-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, H9X 1B5, Canada
Phone: 1-800-842-0242
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