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Cyberbooth# 174
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Surgical Knife with Shield
Category: Medical

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Unique features & benefits:

Accidental injuries in the operating room occur commonly not only with needlesticks but also with surgical knives. The primary objective of the "Surgical Knife with Shield" is to minimize these accidental injuries during major or minor surgical procedures among surgeons and his assistants in the operating room, emergency room or clinic. This also prevents the contraction of infectious diseases, such as HIV (aids), Hepatitis, and other infectious organisms acquired through this route.

Benefits of the "Surgical Knife with Shield" include:

  • preventing accidental injuries
  • it helps protect the patient from contracting aids, hepatitis and other infectious organisms transmitted by an infected knife to new injuries.
  • the blade makes it convenient for the surgeon to use the instrument during operations.
  • with its 30-degree angulation the surgeon cuts tissues parallel to the tissue surface as opposed to ordinary surgical knives which he has to incline approximately 30 or so degrees in order to use it.
  • for the reusable type, cleaning and sterilization is as easy and in the same fashion as any other surgical instrument or surgical knife. The cover is removed from the handle, the blade removed and disposed in a safe dispenser and the handle and cover are cleaned and sterilized separately.
  • the cost may be a little more than an ordinary surgical knife because of its cover but not prohibitive.

The instrument consists of two parts:

Knife Handle or Holder - positions the blade at an angle of 30 degrees specifically to accomodate the cover which protects the operators from inadvertent injury. The handle holds the knife cover in place, and the locking buttons on each side which is purposely made smaller on one side and bigger on the opposite side, to accomodate the cover in close and open position, connected to each other by a shaft.

Knife Cover - has a spring attached to it underneath which positions the cover in closed position at all times unless opened intentionally for use. The cover has a notch on one side which rests on the bigger lock button when in closed and locked position, and rests on the shaft when in open position ready for use.

Target market:

Hospitals and clinics.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensing of the patent rights.

Contact information
Contact: Cicero Malilay, M.D. Title: Inventor and Patentee
Address: 3585 S. Sepulveda Blvd #7 Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: 310 313-0260
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