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Cyberbooth# 169
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Fabric Circle Cutter
Category: Sewing, Hobbies, Crafts

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Fabric Circle Cutter
Unique features & benefits:

There are hundreds of patterns used in quilting and sewing that require the use of circles of many sizes. The Fabric Circle Cutter offers quilters and sewing enthusiasts the ability to easily and quickly cut the one shape in "fabric" that, until now, has eluded the advanced cutting techniques used in quilting and sewing today - the circle!

Currently there are 4 circle templates on the market. The Fabric Circle Cutter is a superior and simple tool that replaces the need for templates and a rotary cutter.

A simple plunging motion depresses a rotary blade that cuts the material, while the base keeps the material from shifting. The Fabric Circle Cutter is safe, accurate and efficient, cutting circles from 2 inches to 6 1/2 inches (and all sizes in between). The Fabric Circle Cutter is also designed for left or right handed use.

To use:

  1. Always use a cutting mat under the Fabric Circle Cutter, since the blade is very sharp when exposed.
  2. Loosen the screw and move the blade arm to the desired size of the curve, half circle or full circle using the ruler located above the blade arm. Tighten the screw when the desired measurement is achieved.
  3. Center the clear base over the fabric using measurements on top of the base as a guide. The straight lines (center lines) can be used to determine the straight grain of fabric.
  4. Using one hand, place pressure on the center knob. Using the other hand, place pressure on outer edge of the cutting arm and turn until the desired cut is made. The base will turn, keeping the fabric from twisting or moving during the cutting process. Releasing pressure from the center knob and cutting arm will lift the blade from the fabric. The blade guard will return to the protective position over the blade.
  5. Hint: To cut a row of circles from the same fabric, cut a strip of fabric, (e.g. 4 1/4 inches wide for a 4 inch circle). Adjust the blade arm to the 4 inch measurement. Fold the material in half and align the folded edge under the center straight line indicated on the base. You only need to cut a half circle to get a whole circle!

As an added benefit, the Fabric Circle Cutter can also be used to cut paper products, making it a valuable tool for crafters and hobbyists.

Target market:

Quilters, sewing enthusiasts, hobbyists and crafters.

Inventor is seeking:

1. Licensees for royalties
2. Manufacturers interested in licensing

Note: Product is patent pending

Contact information
Contact: Elaine Braun Title: Inventor
Organization: Polar Notions
Address: P.O. Box 211145 Auke Bay, AK 99821
Phone: 907 789-5911/h
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