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Category: Home and Garden

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Unique features & benefits: Zap-N-Trash is a specially designed garbage can lid which electrocutes insects that are attracted to the garbage within the trash can.

Everyone hates winged insects - especially flies, which have been a problem disease carrying pest for centuries.

They're especially annoying at backyard barbecues and gatherings where it seems flies are especially attracted to the garbage.

Imagine hundreds of flies "killing themselves" trying to get to the garbage in the trash can: this is the main principle behind the Zap-N-Trash, a trash receptacle lid fitted with a high voltage insect "zapper'.

The regular garbage thrown into the trash receptacle lures flies and insects to their doom! Once they enter the lid through one of several holes, they are instantly killed by a high voltage within the lid, and fall directly below into the trash can.

Once you turn on the unit, you literally "do nothing". There's no work or action required because the Zap-N-Trash lid works automatically.

The well designed lid conceals its purpose, eliminating having to hang special traps from the ceiling or laying them out in the open.

There's no handling whatsoever of the dead insects, which automatically drop into the trash receptacle, making it the most sanitary insect killer ever.

Because the natural garbage scent is part of the process, no pesticides, harmful poisons or messy attractants are utilized.

It has a GFI equipped water resistant touch proof design, so there is no chance of electrical shock or problems with rain or water - only the flies go through the killing grid.

The Zap-N-Trash , which works with either 4-AA batteries or 110 volt AC power, will last for years, eliminating costly light attractants.

Target market:

  1. U.S. households
  2. Homeowners with backyards and stables
  3. National parks
  4. Dairies
  5. Amusement parks
The Zap-N-Trash was a runner up in the national Hammacher Schlemmer "Search for Invention" contest.

Inventor is seeking: U.S. manufacturer or marketing company to license the product.

Note: The product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: Michael A. Filonczuk Title: Inventor
Organization: Zap-N-Trash
Address: 5732 Oakdale Avenue, Woodland Hills,  CA  91367
Phone: 818 777-3419/w, 818 348-1948/h
818 866-1578/fax
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