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I.D. 2000 Pen
Category: Security

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Unique features & benefits: The I.D. 2000 Pen is an invisible security protection tool that can be easily used on any valuable property.

When valuables are stolen and recovered by police, it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine who the owners of the possessions are if serial and model numbers have been stripped off the products.

With the ID 2000 Pen, you can permanently label all of your equipment, electronics, and property with your name, driver's license number or other identification.

The ink, which is completely invisible, leaves a permanent mark on any surface it is used on. Yet it won't deface or damage the product, and is only visible by police UV light.

The pen can be used on all surfaces - cameras, TVs, computers, tools, etc. Warning decals are available.

Target market: U.S. Households.

Inventor is seeking:
  1. Distributors.
  2. Retail outlets.
  3. Direct sales.

Contact information
Contact: Michael Senoff Title: President
Organization: Monico Products
Address: 4735 Clairemont Square #361, San Diego, CA 92117
Phone: 858 274-7851/b, 800 982-6487, 858 274-2579/fax