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Cyberbooth# 162
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Cardboard Creations
Category: Toys and Games

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Unique features & benefits:

Cardboard Creations is a pre-fabricated, reusable, lightweight cardboard play house designed to enable kids to use their imaginations to custom decorate it, resulting in hours of fun and creativity.

Today's kids are extremely bright, and easily get bored, restless or irritable. Yet, many times the best solutions are the simplest. In an increasingly high tech world, Cardboard Creations has developed a low tech play house that enable kids to actively participate in designing their own play environment.

These inexpensive play houses are made out of lightweight yet sturdy corrogated cardboard, which are plain by design so that children can paint, draw and design it using their creative and artistic abilities.

The play house comes in two favorite themes: a castle with a drawbridge on each side; and a townhouse with a removable inside wall and doors on each side.

Both versions have window holes that allow kids to look outside from within the play houses, while enabling parents to view their kids playing on the inside. The windows are also designed with safety in mind, and are small enough to prevent kids from getting their heads stuck.

Since kids love privacy, both versions also have roofs. They're easy and quick to assemble, requiring no tools. They come in three or four flat pieces with interlocking tabs that instantly lock into cardboard slots.

Just provide kids with crayons, chalk, finger paints, stickers, or other painting medias -- and watch them play and have fun while they express their artistic talents and colloborate as a team.

This participative craft keeps kids stimulated and happy for hours at a time, and is ideal for groups of kids at birthday parties, child care centers, schools, and other children's events.

On an individual basis, a child can make a longer term project or hobby out of creating, handcrafting, and decorating the structures both inside and out.

When playtime is over, the play houses are easy to fold and store flat for places with limited space. They can be used over and over, and are environmentally friendly because they're made of recyclable materials.

The cardboard castle and townhouse play houses are an affordable and ideal gift, retailing for under $45.00 each, as compared to a plastic play house that retails for as high as $200.00.

Target market:

  1. Households with children ages 2-11
  2. Child care centers
  3. Schools
  4. Nursery schools
  5. Offices and businesses that need to keep kids entertained while parents conduct business - such as doctor and dentist offices, banks, etc.
  6. Commercial companies such as real estate offices, carpet stores, etc. can utilize the play houses as a promotional giveaway, printing their name and logo on them.

Inventor is seeking:

Offers for exclusive licensing rights for marketing and distribution.

Contact information
Contact: Nancy Savage Title: Owner/President
Organization: Cardboard Creations
Address: 924 Calle Cortita, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
Phone: 805 962-4409
E-mail: nancysavage@juno.com
Homepage: http://www.inventionconnection.com/BOOTHS/booth162.html
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