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The Remote Tree
Category: Audio/video accessory

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Unique features & benefits: The Remote Tree is a vertical organizer for remote control units that holds up to six remotes and features at-a-glance retrieval.

For those who find themselves going around in circles looking for their remote control units, let the Remote Tree do the spinning instead!

The Remote Tree stand has a base and central post that supports two round disks. The top disk is designed with evenly spaced holes. Special hooks are affixed to the back of the remotes so they can be hung in one of the holes from the top disk. The second disk below stabilizes the bottom of the remotes, preventing them from swaying and tipping the stand.

  • With a typical household utilizing three to six remotes, the Remote Tree keeps them all together in one place, safe from food and liquids.
  • Because the remotes are hanging vertically facing you, they're easily identifiable at a glance.
  • The spinning feature makes it quick to turn, find and grab the correct unit right when you need it. No more searching or eventually finding the remote through the process of elimination.
  • Remote control devices which used to fall between the seats of sofas or look unsightly on coffee tables can be stored conveniently in a high-tech way with the Remote Tree.
  • Due to it's compact dimensions (less than 6" in diameter), the Remote Tree is unobstructive and can be placed almost anywhere in the den, family or living room.
  • It has a ring cap on top, making it easy to pick up and move anytime.
  • It's stylish black matte finish and contemporary design make it an attractive addition to any audio/video system.
  • It's made of sturdy plastic material which will last for years, and is also designed so it won't scratch furniture.
  • The Remote Tree is simple to assemble with only eight parts which snap on.
  • The Remote Tree makes a great gift idea and retails for $19.95 with a lifetime warranty.

Target market: U.S. households. Todays' audio/video consumer typically uses three to six remotes to operate: a television, VCR, cable box, compact disc player, video disc player, satellite receiver, surround sound, tuners, and other electronic systems.

Inventor is seeking: 1. Direct response television sales: the Remote Tree has mass market appeal; the markup is sufficient; product quality is excellent; there is limited or no competition; easily demonstrable; sufficient manufacturing capabilities; product has gift appeal; product can be easily shipped; product works and has long-term value; retail price is under $49.95; attractive value to price ratio; primary target audience can be clearly identified; sufficient guarantee backing the sale; has mass merchandising potential after product awareness has been built through television. 2. Direct retail sales. Orders can be made by calling Sight and Sound at 1-800-678-8757.

Contact information

Contact: Lewis B. Goldberg Title: President and Inventor
Organization: Sound & Sight
Address: 7657 Winnetka Avenue #332,  Canoga Park, CA  91306
Phone: 1-800-678-8757
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