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Cyberbooth# 157
Cobranin-Fabunan Injection
Category: Medical

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Unique features & benefits:

Cobranin-Fabunan (Cobranin-F) Injection is an animal poison antidote with broad spectrum applications in the treatment of disease.

A formulation of Ruben G. Fabunan, M.D., it is a pharmaceutical U.S.P. derived drug or U.S.-FDA approved Generic drug - a cocktail of anesthetic and corticosteroid. (Note that these individual U.S.P. or Generic drugs are marketed worldwide and used mostly by hospitals and physicians.)

    Specific cure to animal poisons

    This wonder-drug injection is an antidote for: poisonous snake bites; Red Tide-paralytic shellfish poisoning; other marine food poisoning; catfish sting; insect bite/sting (cockroach, wasp, mosquito, others); and Dengue Fever (a mosquito-borne viral infection).

    Pain management

    Other uses include acting as a pain killer or reliever in arthritis, some cancer cases, burns, strain/sprain of neck-shoulder-back, angina and other muscle pain related illnesses.

    Some cases of Parkinson's disease and Myopathy (loss of muscle power).

    Viral infections

    It is effective in viral infections like Dengue Fever, Herpes zoster, sore eyes, chickenpox, mumps, influenza, and dog bite prophylaxis.

    Though still untested, at a later date it may possibly be utilized in HIV/AIDS treatment since it is also a viral infection.

    Revitalization effect

    Several patients with fatigue and stress were also treated with Cobranin-F Injection resulting in increased vigor and vitality with the theory that it removes or hydrolyzes the accumulation of toxic-by-products of the blood and tissue cells thus increasing the resistance to diseases and may also influence the aging process.

The antidote is administered in a single dose parenterally through two simultaneous routes by infiltration method and direct intravenous push or intramuscular route for venomous snake bite; or intramuscular injection for all other diseases or cases with proper adjustment of doses or dosing intervals and follow ups are indicated.

It is an effective and relatively safe antidote for animal poisons; and apparently does not induce allergic reactions including its use in other diseases. Patient improvement can be expected within a short period of time.

Cobranin-F Injection was first tested in the Philippines where it cured a severe cobra snake bite patient (the photo shows Dr. Fabunan with his first snakebite patient S. Raguindin in the Philippines). Later it was successfully used in various other critical situations and ailments. It is also being utilized to treat mosquito-borne viral infections (Dengue fever or virus) in adults and children with high mortality rates because there have been no specific treatments at present. Its effectiveness has been satisfactorily proven as a specific cure to animal poisons, in pain management, also in viral infections of many kinds.

Target market:

  • 1. Hospitals and doctors worldwide, particularly in developed, developing and underdeveloped nations.
  • 2. Military personnel
  • 3. Campers, hikers, and others exposed to outdoor activities.
    Note: Marketing outlets include pharmaceutical and medical suppliers throughout the world.

  • Award Winning Biotechnology

    Inventor is seeking:

    Investors, licensees - drug companies or biotechnology companies.

    Patent Status:
    U.S. Patent no. 5,492,901
    Continuation-in-part (C.I.P.) - U.S. Patent Pending

    Contact information
    Contact: James O. Harris Title: President/CEO
    Marketing/licensing agent
    Organization: Princeton Products Co.
    Address: 11 Shady Lane Chelsea, Oklahoma 74016 U.S.A.
    Phone: 918 789-5072 Fax: 918 789-2744

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