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Cyberbooth# 155
Buzz Bulb
Category: Household, Security, Safety

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Unique features & benefits:

The Buzz Bulb is a specially designed screw-in sound alarm, in the shape of a light bulb, that instantly converts any motion detector security light fixture into a light and audible alarm.

While motion detectors shine light on an outside area to help prevent theft, because they are silent, intruders can dodge the light unseen and still break in.

By simply replacing one flood lamp of a dual lamp motion detector fixture with a Buzz Bulb, you now have light reinforced with sound.

When motion is detected, a continuous whistling blast (88-94 decibels) is simultaneously emitted from the Buzz Bulb, alerting residents and neighbors to the presence of intruders, and forcing intruders away from the area. The alarm keeps sounding until the area is clear and the detector automatically switches off.

The versatile Buzz Bulb can be used as a day or night local alarm as well as a hot circuit testing tool.

It is an ideal alarm device to protect:

    - The perimeter of your property
    - Outside sheds and workshops
    - Garages
    - Storage yards
    - Gardens

At the suggested retail price is $29.95, the Buzz Bulb is an inexpensive added security and protection to any residential or commercial property.

Safety Device for Kids:

    The Buzz Bulb can also be installed around swimming pools or other dangerous areas to alert parents to unsupervised wanderings of their children and pet's into these areas.

Applications without the use of a motion detector include:

    - Hot Circuit Detector - screwed into an outlet adaptor and placed on a wall socket
    - Alert Alarm - connected to an open/shut door or window switch
    - Diet Control - using the Buzz Bulb in the refrigerator's light socket (will sound
    when refrigerator door is opened!)
    - Safety Alarm - wired to a smoke detector
    - Signal Alarm - for the visually impaired

Target market:

1. Homeowners
2. Apartment owners
3. Commercial buildings

Inventor is seeking:

Retail store sales and distribution.

Note: Over 40,000 Buzz Bulbs have been sold by mail order catalogs.
Sales are being expanded to include retail outlets and other distribution networks across the nation and internationally.

Contact information
Contact: Barry Stuecker Title: Inventor
Organization: Buzz Bulb/Polarity Products Inc.
Address: 5225 East Taylor St. Phoenix, AZ 85008
Phone: 602 273-0692
Homepage: 155.html
Official Web Site:

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