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Unique features & benefits: An outdoor wilderness distress signal designed to attract rescuers from miles away.

Stories abound of men, women and children, who have gone into natural wilderness areas for fun and recreation, but ended up lost and weren't found until it was too late.

The Lifespotter distress signal was developed to prevent these tragic situations. The 3" x 10" package weighs only two pounds (equal to a quart canteen full of water) and contains a self-sealing, foil covered, helium filled mylar balloon which when inflated displays the international orange and black distress signal on one side; with a mirror foil finish on the other side which reflects the sun by day and the mini-strobe light by night.

Individuals carry these small, lightweight kits with them as part of their gear. When the person becomes lost in the wilderness, the individual activates the helium tank which automatically fills up the 30-inch wide and foot thick mylar balloon. It is self-sealing and carries a tiny but powerful blinking red beacon aloft on a 200-foot nylon cord. The balloon is visible for up to 2 miles against any natural background, day or night, in any weather, and can be picked up by radar.

The kit also contains a separate micro radio transmitter which broadcasts an S.O.S. signal on either channel 9 or 16 (land or water emergency channels) for up to five miles over flat terrain.

Batteries for the light and radio last 10 days and the balloon can stay afloat for months. Estimate retail price is under $150.00.

Target market: Outdoor sports enthusiasts ranging from the 33 million people that purchase hunting licenses and 66 million people that purchase fishing licenses in the U.S. annually to anyone that bikes, hikes, walks, climbs, camps, boats, flies small engine aircraft, or participates in high risk sports like skydiving, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, etc.

Inventor is seeking:
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  3. Licensing.
  4. Marketing.

Contact information
Contact: Don Schaller Title: President and Inventor
Organization: Lifespotter, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 76, Blue Ridge Summit, PA   17214