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Cyberbooth# 143
E-Z Green®
Category: Home & Garden, Gardening, Landscaping

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Unique features & benefits:

E-Z Green® is a new product that utilizes ANY sprinkler system to evenly distribute non-petroleum based water soluble material to your vegetation.

With E-Z Green®, you can fertilize through your sprinklers! USDA and IAMO approved, EZ-Green® is fast becoming the choice for the "Gardener on the Go". It's unique patented design operates on the venturi principle.

E-Z Green® has no moving parts and utilizes your new or existing sprinkler's water pressure to effectively distribute nourishments where they will do the most for your money and for your vegetation.

Now you can fertilize your vegetation while at work, sleep or play. Investing ten (10) minutes of your time for installation can give you hours of pleasure time surrounded by your beautiful, professional looking landscape. Finally, an affordable durable system with you in mind.

E-Z Green® features include:

  • No reduction in water flow, thus eliminating any sprinkler adjustments
  • Easy ten minute installation
  • Evenly dispenses all materials
  • Distributes water soluble nourishment's ie. Miracle Grow and Peter's fertilizer, sulfate ammonia, Oxygen plus, Super Bloom fertilizer
  • Pest control using powered and liquid soaps
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Eliminates vegetation burning
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Environmentally tested and approved
  • Eliminates plant shock and stress
  • Washes off vegetation into ground where the root systems
  • ABS construction with U.V. inhibitors add

Target market:

  1. Land owners
  2. Households
  3. Landscapers
  4. Land Developers
  5. Agriculture

Inventor is seeking:

  1. Licensing agreement
  2. Royalties
  3. Domestic and foreign distributors

Contact information
Contact: Bill Cervola Title:
Organization: Cervola Enterprises
Address: P.O. Box 15763 Long Beach, CA 90815-0763
Phone: 562 430-7066
Homepage: 143 .html

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