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Travelcall Voice Recording Alarm Clock
Category: Consumer Electronics

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Unique features & benefits: A patented digital voice recording alarm clock with touchless snooze.

Why wake up to an annoying bell or buzzer when you could create your own personalized morning message with the Travelcall voice recordable alarm clock? It allows you to record up to 20 seconds of your loved ones voices or special sounds. Later, when it's time to get up, the Travelcall gently awakes you with your personalized message. With digital chip technology there are no moving parts to wear out, unlimited recording and playback, and stored voices are retained for up to 10 years without battery power. Travelcall can even remind you of the appointments and important business meetings while you wake up refreshed. Three alarm functions are available:

1) voice playback only;
2) voice playback and intermittent chime; or
3) continuous chime only.

For those inclined for a little more shut eye, the touchless snooze function is activated by just waving your hand within 12" of the clock's built-in infrared sensor, and the alarm will automatically be set to snooze for 7 minutes. The clock even senses when it's night and allows you to temporarily light the LCD time display just by waiving your hand in front of the clock. Easy to use and fun to wake up to. The Travelcall features a large backlighted time display, superior sound quality, the timer counts down the number of seconds left while recording.

Target market: Consumer market.

Inventor is seeking: Licensees.

Contact information
Contact: Stephen Paul Gnass Title: President, CEO
Organization: Invention Services International
Address: P.O. Box 93669 Los Angeles, CA 90093-6690
Phone: 213 969-1755; Fax 213 962-8588

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