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Cyberbooth #137
360 Degree Television Technology
Category:Consumer Electronics

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Unique features & benefits:
E.S.P. 360 Degree Television System forms a two-dimensional, flat, bright and clear image visible to all viewers, simultaneously, at any position 360 degrees surrounding the image.

All viewers surround the image each, simultaneously, perceive a perfectly centered image in relation to their own line of sight. In fact, you don't really look at a TV set because the image appears in mid-air. In essence, every viewer is guaranteed a perfectly centered image regardless of their surrounding position or the number of viewers present.

Television helps make the world a much smaller place. It provides 24 hour access to world events, information and entertainment unlike any other electronic means since the beginning of time. In the near future, televisions shall evolve into real-time visual communication devices and offer billions of people worldwide almost every service imaginable. This evolution shall appear within the confines of your home sooner than you may believe.

E.S.P.'s internationally patented, 360 Degree Television Technology is clearly the most logical and intelligent next step in this evolution.

How this amazing technology is accomplished is, as you might expect, a closely guarded secret. E.S.P. holds vital worldwide patents which ensure the company will be the prime developer.

Target market:

The markets that exist today for this new technology defy boundaries. Television sales alone have reached 25 billion dollars annually and are expected to grow substantially over time. Teleconferencing, theaters, stadium systems, video arcade systems, outdoor signage, automobiles, aircraft, trains, submarines and ships are other formidable multimillion dollar markets with explosive growth potential for E.S.P.'s 360 Degree Technology.

Inventor is seeking:

Proposals which can help commercially perpetuate E.S.P.'s 360 Degree Optical Display Technology into products, worldwide.

Contact information

Contact: E.S.P. Electronics, Inc. Title: n/a
Organization: E.S.P. Electronics, Inc.
Address: 11666 Gateway Blvd., Ste 205, Los Angeles, CA  90064
Phone: Written inquiries only.

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