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Earthquake Resistant Foundation System
Category: Construction, Home Improvement

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Unique features & benefits:

We all live in earthquake country. Experts tell us that there is a 50% chance of a major earthquake striking a metropolitan area in California in the next few years. Yet an earthquake can strike any part of the country. The largest known American quake was centered in New Madrid, Missouri, and was felt as far away as Boston - it even changed the course of the Mississippi River! Earthquakes also strike many countries around the world.

It has been proven that attaching a structure strongly to its foundation brings disastrous results. Current technology includes rollers and springs which create over-elasticity resulting in drastic swaying before and after an arthquake. While hydraulic systems cause difficulties in leveling the structure after an earthquake, and keeping it that way.

The Earthquake Resistant Foundation System (ERF System) is a major improvement over existing earthquake-proofing methods. The ERF System is an economical and simple-to-install way for home and property owners to affordably earthquake-proof their buildings by shielding structures from the forces of an earthquake, and minimizing horizontal movement and vertical acceleration when prefabricated neoprene padding is bolted to the sill-pad foundation. As a result, the building remains stationary while nature takes its course, and the earth expends its energy underneath.

The primary principle behind the ERF System is stated with the cliche', "you have to give a little". It is designed to absorb lateral and vertical acceleration of ground motions during the earthquake. The ERF System absorbs 5 inches of 360 degree ground movement before elastically dragging the structure in slow motion to the right and left until the ground stops moving without damaging any structural component of the building.

The ERF System can be retrofitted to a new or existing building with minimum installation time. It is designed to be installed by any licensed contractor in one day for new buildings, and one week for existing houses. It is designed to come in 5 foot lengths. The rubber post can be extended from 6" to" to give an 8" swinging free movement.

Additional applications can be developed such as for protecting electronic machinery and other potentially vulnerable objects/sites such as wine tanks or other storage facilities.

Target market:

1. Countries prone to earthquake activity such as Japan where framing structures are similar to those used in the U.S.

2. Home owners, property and business owners are end users.

3. The construction industry.

4. It can be marketed to the general public through local retail outlets such as lumberyards and home-improvement depots across the country.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Contact: Charles Marie Nicolai Title: Owner
Organization: Charles-Marie Nicolai Construction
Address: 505 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 21 Larkspur, CA 94939
Phone & Fax: 415 927-9461

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