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Category: Education, Toys & Games

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Unique features & benefits: The Bath-O-Wrap transforms any standard white bathtub into a colorful, interactive environment that makes taking a bath both educational and fun for children.

The Bath-O-Wrap is a thin, vertical, u-shaped mat, made of rubber, plastic, or compressed foam (approximately 12-18" height by 12-16' width), that wraps around and lines the inside walls of any standard bathtub.

For younger children, the bright and colorful mat can be manufactured with educational or entertaining themes which can include cartoon characters, animal shapes, large numbers, alphabet letters, words, etc.

Three-dimensional toys and objects related to the theme, made of plastic material which floats, can be placed and moved anywhere on the mat via built-in suction cups on the back of each piece.

A version to help teach kids to read has rubber flaps throughout the mat which act as printed pages, and can be turned and read by the child or parent.

For older children, the mat can be designed as a popular board game with three-dimensional game pieces that can be moved around on the mat via suction cups. A floating platform piece can serve as a surface for rolling the dice.

The Decorative Strip: A decorative version for the bathtub would be a short strip (approximately 6" height) that would accentuate a bathtub in the same way that wall borders are used to decorate a room. Unlimited color and design concepts for the strip would range from pastels and solid colors to endless artistic designs (similar to wallpaper designs), or perhaps even a scenic view, that would fit the bathroom's mood or color scheme. Practical accessories, attachable via suction cups, could also be offered as add-on pieces - for example, soap trays, accessory trays, etc.

Easy To Install And Remove: Because the Bath-O-Wrap is held in place by suction cups that attach to the bathtub walls, it is easy to install and remove for each use.

Lightweight And Easy To Store: Made of thin, lightweight materials, it is quick drying and easy to store and retrieve when needed.

Versatile: The Bath-O-Wrap is multifunctional and can also be utilized to line cribs and play pens, etc. due to straps and velcro tabs on the back that attach to baby furniture.

Safety Features: Made of soft material, it helps protect younger children from banging their heads on the sides of the bathtub.

Target market:

  • Households with children ages 3-10 for the theme and board game versions
  • The Decorative Strip: Design conscious households

    Inventor is seeking:

    Manufacturer, Licensee, Investor

    Contact information

    Contact: Debra Pekosa Title: N/A
    Organization: N/A
    Address: 1640 Walker Street, S.E. Palm Bay, FL 32909
    800 738-2966; 414 245-3596

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