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Cyberbooth #130
Snail StakeTM
Category:Home & Garden

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Unique features & benefits:

The Snail Stake is a patented stake made of extruded plastic with an awning that not only holds snail bait, but also lures snails looking for a place to hide out of the sun. After eating the bait, the snail falls and dies around the stake, attracting more snails.

Since being imported in the 1800's by gourmets, "escargot", the common brown garden snail, has been feasting on the American garden.

To control these pests, tons of snail bait is dispersed over landscapes and gardens, washed away by rain and sprinkler systems into the ground and streams. The snail bait is eaten by birds, pets and sometimes even children, causing sickness and even death.

The Snail Stake has an awning that not only holds the snail bait, but also lures snails looking for a place to hide for the day. To use, you simply place a Snail Stake in the ground or flower pot near plants you wish to protect. Snails eat the bait, fall and die. The Snail Stake shelters the bait from the sun, rain and sprinklers, making it last, and at the same time hiding it from birds, pets and children. The bait is concentrated where you want it. The Snail Stake can be rebaited and used over and over again. It is unobstrusive, inexpensive and can be moved from plant to plant or pot to pot. It is made from 50% post consumer and post manufacturer recycled styrene plastic.

Target market:

Home owners with gardens and lawns.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensing, or sale of patent.

Contact information

Contact: Eric Pence Title: Owner
Organization: n/a  
Address: 204 Hygeia Ct., Leucadia, CA  92024
Phone: 760 942-8420 home / 760 942-3072 fax
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