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EvaPor'a-Cool Systems
Category: Automotive Accessory

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Unique features & benefits:
EvaPor'a-Cool Systems Almost every vehicle on the road experiences engine overheating at some point in its life cycle. Although the technology of evaporation is not new, the EvaPor'a-Cool Systems utilizes a unique delivery system. EvaPor'a-Cool Systems incorporates two small spray fans that spray water onto and in front of the vehicle's radiator. With the air passing through, evaporation takes place, cooling the engine's coolant approximately 10-15 degrees. This temperature reduction helps to keep the vehicle's engine from becoming overheated. This product can save your vehicle's engine and save you many dollars in costly repairs.

The apparatus comprises of a water reservoir containing a water level sensor, a master time cycling controller unit, a water filter, a water pump, a temperature sensing device, a radiator inline hose filter, an anti-syphon and water flow controlling device and two small water spray fans, that are attached to the radiators exterior and are powered by the vehicle's engine cooling fan, a conduit system, such as a rubber hose, connects the various elements of the apparatus and delivers the cooling water.

Three model types are available:

  1. Standard - manual activation
  2. Custom - automatic activation
  3. Deluxe - manual or automatic activation with an electric anti-syphon valve and a PANIC button that overrides the timing cycle on the controller.
Each system kit includes an instruction manual with drawings and illustrations, and all necessary installation hardware. These system kits will mount on almost any vehicle, with some minor modifications. Some drilling is required.

Target market: n/a   

Inventor is seeking:

Direct sales.
Standard Kit: 2 gallon tank with bracket and float switch, 20'-float switch wire, 20'-5/32" hose, 12"-spray fan hose, TWO spray fans, STD Controller, Water pump w/bracket, 18' red, blue, black wire, on/off & flow Anti-Syphon valves, hose "T" fitting, instruction manual and installation hardware. Price $200.00

Custom Kit: 2 gallon tank with bracket and float switch. 20'-float switch wire, 20'-5/32" hose, 12"-spray fan hose, TWO spray fans, custom controller, water pump with bracket, 18' red, blue, black, white wire, temperature sensor switch, radiator hose inline filter, on/off & flow & anti-syphon valves, hose "T" fitting, instruction manual and installation hardware. Price $325.00

Deluxe Kit: 2 gallon tank with bracket and float switch, 25'-float switch wire, 25'-5/32" hose, 12"-spray fan hose, TWO spray fans, deluxe controller, water pump with bracket, 15' red, white, black, green/white, brown/white installation wires, temperature sensor switch, inline radiator hose filter, 12-volt anti-syphon valve, on/off & flow control valves, hose "T" fitting, instruction manual and installation hardware. Price $425.00

Contact information

Contact: Gary Dacus Title: Inventor
Organization: Evapor'a-Cool Systems
Address: 10451 Brookhurst Street, Anaheim, CA   92804-5658
714-533-3451/beeper, 714-533-3451

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