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Hold-It or Keeep-it
Category: Apparel, Business supplies, Accessories, Novelties

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Unique features & benefits: This multipurpose sheath is made of stretchable rubber material which grips a variety of items. There are three design versions, each with a ring attached to the closed end, allowing the item to be either hung on the wall, attached to a keyring or attached to a pen holding device.

The Keeep-it Sheath is designed to hold a cigarette lighter on an individual's keyring. The Key-Pit saves time and money for smokers who tend to constantly lose or misplace their lighters at home or in public places like restaurants.

The Hold-It Sheath is designed for larger items like hammers and converts them into products that can be hung on a wall. This provides accessibility and visibility, saves space and keep tools and garages well organized.

The third version is designed for retail businesses that provide its customers with counter tops and pens for filling out paperwork. Conventional pen holding devices are attached to the counters, and when the pen wears out or is stolen, the entire device must be replaced. The sheath grips the pen and would be directly connected to the counter top. When the pen wears out or is stolen, a new pen would be inserted into the sheath, avoiding replacement of the entire pen holding unit.

Target market:

Smokers. Business owners who purchase pens attached to counters. Construction professionals, homeowners, hobbyists or other peole who hang tools or other elongated hand-held items from walls.

Inventor is seeking:

Manufacturer for licensing. Investor. Distributor.

Contact information

Contact: Richard R. Sudborough Title: Owner
Organization: Sudborough Productions
Address: 1762 Colt Place, Las Vegas NV 89119
Phone: 702 947-0806
Homepage: Cyberbooth:
Official web site:

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