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Bug Gun
Category: n/a

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Unique features & benefits:
A unique type of gun designed to suck bugs into an attached jar. When the trigger is pulled, the barrel shoots forward and the vacuum, created by a spring-driven piston, sucks the bug into the jar.

Put away your fly-swatters, gooey glue strips and smelly pesticide sprays forever. The Bug Gun is the easy way to get rid of winged pests around the house - like flies, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and spiders. It's so simple to use and works like a toy gun. You just take aim, get within range and pull the trigger. The Bug Gun sucks the bugs into the jar quickly and cleanly. The Bug Gun is also safe. It's light weight, sliding barrel and rubber nozzle have a light impact on surfaces they strike. Reloading is as quick as pulling the trigger. You just back the barrel up under a clip and you are ready for the next nasty little bugger. The Bug Gun makes the irritating task of getting rid of insects easy, which can even become a useful and fun hobby for kids aged 4 to 104.

Target market:

Households and children.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Contact: Hank Konrad or Gary Ott Title: Inventors
Organization: n/a
Address: Rt 1, Box 803, Twisp, WA    98856
509 997-7711/ Hank, 509 997-2190/ Gary,
509 997-2212/fax

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