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Category: Fashion, Men's Apparel

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Unique features & benefits: The InvisiTak® is "The Invisible Tie Tack®" solution that keeps men's neckties in place without damaging them.

Neckties are the most visible as well as an essential part of a businessman's wardrobe, easily adding up to hundreds of dollars for an appropriate assortment.

Yet neckties can also be the most aggravating part of a man's attire when they're not securely held in place.

- When walking outdoors, fly-away neckties are usually blown over the shoulders or right into the wearer's face.

- When leaning over office desks, neckties can interfere with the business at hand.

- When reaching over a restaurant table, neckties often plunge into any food in its path, sometimes permanently staining the necktie.

- When leaning over to wash one's hands in a sink, neckties can end up soaking wet.

The current method of securing ties in place with tie tack pins, physically damages the necktie by poking holes into the material.

Makes Pin Tie Tacks and Tie Clasps Obsolete

  • The InvisiTak® solves these problems by securely attaching the necktie to the shirt without tie tack pins, clasps or adhesives.

    Bonds Necktie To Shirt Invisibly

  • Instead, the InvisiTak® utilizes strips of white hook and loop fastener - one strip is buttoned to the shirt's front, and the other strip is inserted into the necktie's label ribbon. Then you press the tie to your shirt and presto, it's done and it's invisible!

    Saves Time

  • The InvisiTak® system is quick and easy to use, saving busy executives valuable time.

    Saves Money

  • The InvisiTak® system is made of durable materials which are reusable over and over again.
  • It saves neckties from being ruined and having to buy new neckties.

    Special Security Pocket

  • The InvisiTak® features a hidden pocket which can hold a folded or rolled single bill of currency for emergency situations

    Target market:

    1. U.S. Men's Apparel Market
    2. A great point-of-purchase product for retail sales at Airports, Department stores, Car Washes

    Inventor is seeking:

    Seeking a manufacturer/distributor with vision who is interested in a licensing agreement for nationwide retail.

    Contact information

    Contact: Al Durante Title: President
    Organization: InvisiTak® Inc.
    Address: 702 N. Victoria Avenue, Ventnor City  08406
    609 487-8933,
    609 487-8933
    Homepage: BOOTHS/booth112.html

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