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Dog Diaper
Category: Pet Care, Household, Environmental

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Unique Features & Benefits:
The Dog Diaper is a revolutionary, fashionable, and fully disposable diaper designed for easy collection and disposal of a pet dog's solid and fluid waste, eliminating ever having to see, touch or smell the waste.

The problem of dog waste in urban centers is reflected in the Canine Laws, both in the U.S. and abroad, which impose considerable fines upon dog owners who do not "pick up after their dogs".

Present methods of removing dog waste from urban sidewalks, parks, etc. are a nuisance to dog owners who, in order to comply with the law, have to pick up the waste by hand using plastic bags or pooper scoopers. So in spite of the high fines, most of the time, the laws are ignored and the waste remains uncollected.

Additionally, present methods of waste removal are "after the fact" - after the waste has been deposited on streets or households. Thus the waste has already stained and/or contaminated the area where it was deposited. This can lead to possible health hazards if the waste remains uncollected, as is the case in many cities throughout the world.

The Dog Diaper permanently changes dog care in the U.S. and abroad by offering the easiest and cleanest way to deal with the problem of dog waste (both solid and fluid) in households, city streets, playgrounds and parks.

Design Ensures No Contact With Waste

  • Unlike baby diapers, the Dog Diaper's revolutionary anatomical design concept prevents any contact between the pouches and the anal or genital region of the animal. The waste is deposited in separate pouches and the whole diaper can be easily disposed of without ever seeing, touching or smelling the dog waste.

Eliminates Indoor Accidents

  • Using the Dog Diaper eliminates messy accidents indoors, especially for owners of puppies, senior dogs that are unable to control their bowels, and dogs with housebreaking problems.

Eliminates an Unpleasant Chore

  • Eliminates the unpleasant chore of picking up dog waste by hand with plastic bags or pooper scoopers outdoors or indoors
  • Provides easy removal without ever seeing, touching or smelling the dog waste

Enables Urban Pet Owners to Abide By Canine Laws

  • Allows urban dog owners to conform to the Canine Waste Laws in an effortless and convenient manner

Comfortable For Dogs, Requires No Training

  • The Dog Diaper is designed with both the pet and dog owner in mind, and in addition to being comfortable for the dog, requires no training.

Two Main Models:

  • a garment with one pouch for solid waste only (in 3 styles)
  • a garment with two pouches: one for solid waste (in 3 styles) and one for fluid waste (adapted for male and female)

The Two Models Can Be Manufactured to be Used in Two Ways:

  • a fully disposable diaper
  • a reusable coat-like garment with attachable disposable pouches

Successfully Tested

  • The product has been developed through the prototype stage and has been successfully tested on several breeds of dogs, for both solid and fluid waste, showing the reliability, effectiveness and convenience of the product in use as shown in a videotape demonstration, leading to a positive reaction from dog owners, pet store owners and other trade people, as to the ease and speed with which dogs use this device. Veterinarians are enthusiastic supporters.

Target Market:

  1. U.S. and Worldwide Households
  2. Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals
  3. Parks and Playgrounds
  4. Hotels
  5. Transportation
  6. Kennels
  7. Breeders
The fully disposable Dog Diaper has enormous market potential for the $15 billion a year pet industry (USA) in both retail and veterinarian markets. It offers mass merchandising and repeat business. The approximate estimated retail price for a pack of 24 disposable dog diapers is US$3.98.

Since dogs defecate 3 or 4 times a day and urinate 10-12 times a day (for puppies, this is more frequent), the Dog Diaper would be used at least 3 times a day by adult dogs.

Assuming that the product is used by only 1% of the 30 million US dogs that populate urban and suburban areas (the total dog population estimated by Predicast in 1990 for 1995 was 74 million), the yearly demand for the Dog Diaper would be around 328 million diapers.

The Dog Diaper Home Page is constantly generating a steady flow of inquiries to purchase the product from all over the world, establishing that there is a strong demand for the product.

Inventor is seeking:

To license the product for manufacturing and marketing.

  1. Product has strong U.S./Worldwide Patents.
  2. The product is easily and economically manufactured using opaque polyethylene film or any other suitable waterproof material, in different colors and prints. Absorbent material is required for the pouch for fluid waste.
  3. The product can be made with readily available die systems and heat-sealing techniques.

Contact information

Contact: Stella M. Vidal Title: Inventor/Patentee/Developer
Organization: N/A
Address: 237 Lafayette Street, Suite 2W, New York, NY  10012-4009

Phone/Fax: (212) 941-9615

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