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Climbing Tree Blind
Category: Sports

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Unique features & benefits:

Hunters, bird watchers, and nature photographers need to conceal their presence from the wild animals they hope to attract, as well as remain out of the sight of other animals that might either distract the targeted species, or attack the individual.

Climbing a tree, where one can observe what is going on below from a higher and strategic vantage point, is the safest and ideal solution. And the Climbing Tree Blind makes it possible to climb or descend a tree or pole while remaining concealed.

The Climbing Tree Blind contains two grip and clamp-on devices: one for the feet which supports a secure round platform to stand on; and one for the hands which holds the circular metal support and veil made from camouflage material.

To climb the tree, the user raises the upper grip and clamp device to a comfortable height, and while supporting himself on the rim of the circular metal support, pulls his feet up along with the platform and bottom grip and clamp-on device. The veil easily expands and contracts to accommodate the process, which is repeated until one is at the desired height. Once there, the user has a hideaway with a secure platform to stand on as well as space within the blind to keep needed items and tools. The process is reversed to climb down the tree.

Constructed of durable corrosion resistant materials, the Climbing Tree Blind can be used on a large range of trunk diameters. It is effective, safe, and stable. The Climbing Tree Blind is easily erected, and easily taken down. It is lightweight and when folded can be carried like a back pack.

Target market:

33 million individuals purchase hunting licenses in the U.S., in addition to a market of bird watchers, nature photographers and others who enjoy observing wild life.

Inventor is seeking:

Manufacturer to help refine the product.
Note: Product is patented.

Contact information

Product Name: Climbing Tree Blind Booth: 105
Contact: James R. Meyer Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a  
Address: 1043 Baxter Avenue, Louisville KY   40204
502 584-4613/b, 502 584-1579/h

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