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Ortho Neck® Pillow
Category: Medical

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Unique features & benefits:

Many people suffer from chronic neck and/or shoulder pain as a result of accidents or illness. Existing pillows, neck supports, and heating pads often fail to relieve the aches and discomfort.

Developed by a medical doctor, the Ortho Neck Pillow is a uniquely designed pillow style inspired by the human form, that provides maximum neck support to help relieve neck/shoulder pain.

This U-shaped pillow is the only pillow design with contouring from front to back and side to side, which maintains the body's natural alignment while sleeping. It allows the neck to remain fully extended (not bent forward or sideways) in the back and side sleeping positions, which is the most natural neck position.

May reduce positional snoring

Because the head and neck are positioned to maximize the opening at the back of the throat, similar to that which is used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the Ortho Neck pillow may also reduce positional snoring (snoring when lying on the back, but not when lying on the side).

Improves sleeping comfort

Due to the Ortho Neck's ergonomic design, the Ortho Neck Pillow also helps improve normal sleeping comfort to help people get a good night's sleep.

The Ortho Neck Pillow is made from a specially formulated foam and comes with a form-fitting, washable pillowcase.

The Ortho Neck® Pillow retails for $39.95 and wholesales for $18.00. Extra pillow cases retail for $9.95.

"I have used it for several months and am enjoying a good nights sleep, all night long. At first I was not sure if I could adjust to the unique pillow style since I sleep on a water bed. However, I was surprised to find it more comfortable and was amazed at the feeling of being able to breath better."
R.H., Fraser, MI
"Many years ago I was injured in a head on car collision and since have suffered countless sleepless nights with on-going neck and shoulder pain. I have tried many types of pillows, neck supports, heating pads, etc. which failed to relieve my discomfort. In this regard I must admit that I was skeptical that your pillow would be helpful, however, after three nights of using it, I find I am not only painfree, but able to move my head and neck in ranges previously limited."
K.C., Morgantown, KY
"As a practicing chiropractor, I am constantly being presented with products that are supposed to help patients. In the case of cervical pillows, I have seen no less than a dozen different types and tried several. Not one has given me or my patients the relief and support desired. Recently I was approached by Dr. Tatum with his new design. As a Board-eligible chiropractic neurologist I know the importance of biomechanics of the neck in relation to optimum functioning of the nervous system. This pillow has the most orthopedically and neurologically sound design of any pillow on the market. I highly recommend it for anyone with a loss of cervical lordosis or a sprain/strain injury.
T.C., Bowling Green, KY

Target market:
Anti-snoring: 20-30 million Americans; General public for improved sleeping comfort; Chiropractic: 1 million per year; and Surgical (operating room) markets - 1 million per year.

Inventor is seeking:
Looking to license manufacturers and distributors, both foreign and domestic.

Contact information
Contact: Terry Tatum, M. D. Title: President
Organization: Ballad Enterprises, Inc.
Address: 1945 Scottsville Road PMB#145, Bowling Green, KY  42104-5817
Phone: (270)782-0586, (270)781-4379-Fax

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