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QuakeProtect Modules
Category: Construction

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Unique features & benefits:

QuakeProtect Modules are a breakthrough technology which enable users to design or retrofit any kind of building and any kind of structure - 100 earthquake proof! Even an earthquake of the magnitude of 8 or 9 on the Richter scale would cause no damage to the structure or the interior of a building - whether it be the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, or a home! No existing system can claim such performance.

Seismic Safety Improved to the Level of Perfection QuakeProtect Modules form a seismic immune support system, which totally isolates the supported structure against earthquake shocks from the ground. It is able to reduce any accelerations and shear forces to almost zero. The QuakeProtect system is NOT an elastomeric nor a sliding or roller bearing device that absorbs or dissipates energy. It is actually a no-impact-transferring device that allows displacements freely.

The technology can be applied to any kind of structure: homes, office buildings, factories, bridges, hospitals, elevated highways, industrial facilities, nuclear power plants, even high rises.

It does not matter what the magnitude of the earthquake would be, how fast the earth moves, how strongly the foundation of the building is accelerated, how high or low the frequency of the earthquake oscillation is, or how harmonic or disharmonic, because the result is always the same: any acceleration that is transferred to the building is reduced to a value of less than 0.01g (a value one cannot even feel with one's physical senses). The building just stands still, it does not move.

Even in the most unlikely of events, that a fault line moves in opposite directions right underneath a building, or even opens up right underneath, even then the house has a good chance to survive such an incredible event. Because of the ability of the devices to behave independently of each other, even if torn apart from each other, the devices still would provide stability for the supported structure.

System characteristics:

  1. Horizontal accelerations of QPM-supported buildings are reduced to less than 0.01g. The system always performs to that extent, independently of the magnitude of the earthquake and independently of the frequency of the ground oscillation.
  2. There occurs no transduction of movement and energy to the building.
  3. The horizontal shear forces impacting the structure are reduced to almost non existent values, therefore there is zero damage even in a large earthquake.
  4. The building remains in the same position, it does not move.
  5. Optionally, for low buildings, vertical accelerations can also be compensated which would be especially important for hospitals, industrial facilities, and for the computer or chemical industry.
  6. The system can be designed for any expected or demanded displacements (if necessary + 6 ft. or + 10 ft. or even more for large structures), with a solution for access and utility connections.
  7. Zero maintenance.
  8. Reduction of liquefaction, the danger of tilting and sinking, because of liquefaction, is virtually eliminated; no mass inertia reaction forces are pounding the soft ground.
  9. The system is self centering, it returns to the original position.
  10. It does not respond to wind forces.
  11. The system has 100 vertical stiffness, for compression and tension loads, even at maximum displacement, which would be a desired feature especially for bridge applications (existing base isolation systems have limited tension stiffness).
  12. And for the first time, it is possible to completely isolate high rises the size of a World Trade Center. A building protected this way would not experience any "whiplash" effect that a tall building inevitably experiences in an earthquake. It just remains standing vertically straight - no bursting of windows, no lethal projectiles flying through the room.
  13. There is no load limitation, an individual module can be designed for any demand.
  14. Large Displacements: The QuakeProtect device can be designed for any expected or demanded displacements (if necessary + 6 ft. or + 10 ft. or even more). This would provide protection even in the case of "near field" events (close to the epicenter), where very large displacements can occur, which would overpower all existing systems.

Target market:

QuakeProtect Modules can be designed for any possible application - from light weight mobile homes to heavy load objects such as the Empire State Bilding, or the Golden Gate Bridge.
  1. Government - for public infrastructure like elevated highways, bridges, hospitals, schools, emergency centers (police, fire department), city buildings, libraries, etc.
  2. Utilities - electricity, gas & telecommunications utilities
  3. Industry - industrial facilities like high rise office buildings, nuclear power plants, expensive equipment, chemical plants
  4. Real estate developers and owners - factories, offices, condominiums, shopping malls, parking structures, apartment buildings, homes
  5. Home Owners - private family homes

Inventor is seeking:

Capital for:
  1. Big scale testing of 200 ton, 300 ton, 500 ton devices; and
  2. Production and marketing.
Note: All claims are mathematically verified. A small scale prototype demonstrates expected performances.

Contact information

Product Name: QuakeProtect Modules[TM] Booth: 103
Contact: Roderich Bierwirth Title: Vice President
Organization: Quake Protect Corporation
Address: 1223 Broadway #174, Santa Monica, CA  90404
310 399-7906/b,
310 399-9256/fax

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