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Cyberbooth #101
Category: Sports

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Unique features & benefits:
Aquajet introduces the JETBIKE, the only personal watercraft that looks like, feels like, and rides like a motorcycle - on water!

Featured in major TV shows and publications - Bay Watch, Popular Science, Beyond 2000, Planet X, Wired, Discovery's Next Step, The Extremists, Personal Water Craft Illustrated among many others - this radically different personal water craft (PWC) is truly a futuristic Grand Prix motorcycle-like high speed machine!

The Jetbike's line of high performance personal watercraft brings together an unequaled combination of top speed, power, and performance - with hot looks, comfort and unique safety/control features found in no other PWC.


The Jetbike's exceptional power-to-weight ratio gives it remarkable straight line acceleration, allowing it to jump and blast from the water like a missile!

Twist grip motorcycle power control gives on-demand acceleration and speed capacity of 50-60 miles per hour, while providing exceptional balance and unsurpassed radical maneuverability and control.

The narrow shape of its aerodynamic body design - just over 24" wide - results in higher speeds with less aerodynamic and hydrodynamic drag, giving the rider the sensation of riding a motorcycle on water.


The Jetbike's large and comfortable, ergonomically designed seat lets the rider straddle the Jetbike just like a motorcycle, allowing the rider to experience the thrill and power of a motorcycle along with dramatically improved handling and responsiveness.

The Jetbike is the only PWC that has a dual steering system. A steerable front ski and rear jet drive nozzle work in unision to provide steering from both extremities of the craft, making it pivot easily around the center. The steering ratio between the front ski and rear nozzle is also adjustable, allowing the rider to custom tailor the Jetbike's handling characteristics for specific conditions or preferences.

The Jetbike's long-range fuel capacity makes it ideal for long distance riding.

The Jetbike's low center of gravity and in-line mid-mounted engine provides superlative balance and control. The engine, pump and other mechanicals are positioned at the lowest center of gravity, which prevents the Jetbike from rocking side to side with a rider on board.

The Jetbike has unsurpassed stability, particularly in choppy waters, due to the narrow, multi-chined hull and forward contact area of the front ski.

Many novice riders find that it is difficult to remount a PWC after falling off. The Jetbike's ballast system causes it to sink under the rider, submerged 24" below the waterline at speeds below 5 miles per hour, which makes it much easier to remount.


The Jetbike has throttle-off control: the unique front ski is completely maneuverable when the engine is shut off or quits ("throttle off" position), giving the driver full steering control before coming to a halt. Other PWC's pose major safety threats because they are unsteerable in the throttle off position: therefore when the engine is shut off, the driver loses control of the PWC while it is automatically propelled for several dozen yard before fully stopping. The Jetbike, on the other hand, is designed to slow down and stop faster while remaining completely steerable.

A second ignition cut-off switch, connected to the rider by a tether, serves as a back-up to shut down the engine if the rider falls off due to a spill or fall.


And last but not least, the Jetbike features incredibly good looks with bold graphics and bright, dynamic color combinations, which added to the exhilarating acceleration and stable ride, are sure to make everyone stand in line to take a ride on your new Jetbike.


  • Easy to read instruments are mounted right on the handlebars
  • A large storage compartment in front of the driver is large enough to hold a six pack of soft drinks.
  • The large motorcycle-style seat is designed to comfortably carry one or two passengers
  • An optional lighting package with headlight and rear tail light is available.

    Target market:

    Personal watercraft enthusiasts who own one or more craft and are looking for an exciting and challenging alternative riding experience. First-time PWC buyers including motorcycle owners.

    The PWC industry has experienced a phenomemal growth rate of 30-45% per year over the last three years, indicating that there is a lucrative recreational watercraft boom sweeping the world.

    Inventor is seeking:

    Investment opportunity is available for a limited time.
    Retail sales: Please call Aquajet to find a dealership near you.

    Notes: The Jetbike is designed, engineered and built in the U.S. The Jetbike is patented worldwide.

    One Passenger Models (285 lbs)
    Model Engine Specs Suggested Retail Price
    WX1 850cc 2-cylinder engine, 90hp $6,995
    WX2 850cc 2-cylinder engine, 90hp $7,695
    WX1 200cc 3-cylinder engine, 120hp $8,495

    Two Passenger Models (330 lbs)
    Model Engine Specs Suggested Retail Price
    WX1 850cc 2-cylinder engine, 90hp $7,695
    WX2 850cc 2-cylinder engine, 90hp $8,995
    WX1 200cc 3-cylinder engine, 120hp $11,799

    Contact Information

    Product Name: Aqua Jet Booth: 101
    Contact: Gary Jones Title: V.P. Sales & Marketing
    Organization: AquaJet Corporation
    Address: 400 N. Marine Ave., Wilmington,  CA 90744
    310 522-6610, 310 522-6622/fax

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